Real Estate

Real Estate

We have substantial experience handling a broad range of issues for individuals, mortgage lenders, developers and public and private companies, including businesses with a local, regional, national, and international scope, emerging growth companies and closely-held family businesses.

To facilitate the successful disposition, acquisition, development and financing of our clients’ projects, we work closely with various real estate professionals, including appraisers, surveyors, technical, planning, environmental and land use professional consultants, mortgage and real estate brokers, and regulatory agencies, commissions and legislative bodies.


We serve as counsel to both buyers and sellers in conventional purchase and sale transactions, as well as in more complex transactions such as property assemblage, development and construction.

We strive to assist clients in structuring each deal to meet their business, economic, and timing needs and have extensive experience in the analysis of title, environmental and tax issues and in the drafting and negotiation of purchase and sale agreements, land swap agreements, construction agreements, easement agreements, covenants and restrictions, property management agreements and other agreements relating to real property operations, use and governance.


We serve as counsel to both landlords and tenants in the leasing of residential, office, retail and industrial real estate, and have extensive experience in the drafting and negotiation of many types of leases, from single tenant industrial leases and more conventional office and retail leases to long-term and ground leases, subleases, lease assignments and brokerage agreements. We also represent landlords and tenants in proceedings to enforce lease agreements.


We represent lenders and borrowers in all aspects of the lending process, from structuring and negotiating the loan terms and loan documentation to specialized issues such as collateral protection and perfection, leasehold mortgaging and environmental documentation and compliance issues. Our clients represent a wide range of interests, from the residential homeowner to the representation of commercial developers.

Alternative Financing

With the current volatility in the real estate market and in the credit industry, buyers and sellers of real estate are frequently turning to alternative financing options. We regularly represent lenders and borrowers in all aspects of alternative financing such as lease to own, seller financing, assumption and hard money.